Gretchen Jones

Hej wszystkim! Jestem bardzo podekscytowana, ponieważ specjalnie dla nas, projektantka Gretchen Jones, przy okazji zwyciężczyni ósmej edycji Project Runway odpowiedziała na kilka zadanych przeze mnie pytań!
Muszę przyznać, że nie oglądałam całego Project Runway, ale od pierwszego odcinka ósmej edycji, Gretchen zdecydowanie była moją faworytką. Pewna siebie i swojej estetyki, miażdżyła zadanie za zadaniem, nie oglądając się na nikogo. Mój pierwszy kontakt z Gretchen miał miejsce jeszcze w trakcie trwania programu, kiedy to na jej stronie odkryłam piosenkę, której tytuł koniecznie musiałam poznać. Już wtedy przekonałam się, że Jones to nie tylko świetna, skoncentrowana artystka, ale również przemiła, otwarta osoba. 

Can you tell us shortly, how it all started for you? 

I grew up sewing and definitely always understood the magic of self expression through my clothes. My grandmother and I designed my First Communion dress, I sold coin purses I made, rather than Koolaid and used my barbies like mannequins in window displays- dont touch!  I believe design was just my calling and something deeply rooted in my soul.  Not everyone knows there calling from the age of 5, but I did.  As I grew older, my parents put me in any art/sewing classes they could and I took a self learned approach to my education [doing apprenticeships, working, rather than school, in the industry] trying to find a real world understanding of the industry I wanted to be a part of. 

September last year was your debut at Fashion Week in NYC, would you consider the winning of Project Runway a cause to where you are now?

Project Runway isnt why I am where I am, I am why I am where I was just a stepping stone and opportunity that enabled me to keep pushing forward on my path.  Im grateful for the doors it opened, but in the end its my eye, talent and drive that have taken me where I wanted to go. 

What skills does being a designer require from you? 

Design skills are only a fraction of what is necessary to be a successful designer. Fashion is a TOUGH business to be in and business operation skills, organization and   tenacity are why/how ones make it in this industry.  Design is only as good as the infrastructure and financial support in place to afford a designer the opportunity to succeed.

One who designs clothes, jewelry and runs her own brand must be very busy, can you tell us how your typical day looks like? 

My days are filled with running around Manhattan from factory to studio, constantly answering emails and perpetually checking off and adding to do's on the never ending list.  I work at least 12 hours a takes passion and serious drive to have a clothing label. ITs a lot of work, planning and executing all the working parts necessary to run your own business. 

You seem to be a very self-confident and focused person, what are your sources of strength and belief?

Im from a humble blue collar family and my work ethic comes from them.  I've always wanted more for myself, my resilience and drive seem to be inert characteristics for me.  And I just deeply believe in my aesthetic and that keeps me pushing forward.

How do you see yourself and your brand a year from now?

I hope to be in 30 stores, so my brand can start making a profit, I hope to be able to afford a design assistant.
I hope to be able to start planning a diffusion line and I hope to continue to be asked by people like you to write about people like me:)

Fingers crossed!

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